DJ Nasty Nam


Nam Hoang aka DJ Nasty Nam


Nam also started his music journey through the nightlife scene. He was also a part of HYF productions and promoting events for top named companies (Playboy, Hot Import Nights, etc) in the Dallas area. Eventually, he got deep into the promotions business with promoting, dancing and graphic design for a few years before moving into the corporate world as a Senior Graphic Design Manager.

In 2008, Nam joined forces with Toan to make a highly sought after DJ team for all sorts of events. They performed and worked upwards to 35 events a year all around the state of Texas. Nam started off as an equipment manager and event hype man and eventually learned every aspect of what goes into organizing and djing an event from working so closely with Toan. Within the last few years he has been learning how to mix and DJ at events and has performed on his own to gain experience.

Nam is professional, accommodating and customer service friendly. He wants to make your event seamless and unforgettable.

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